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Short Term vs Long Term Loans

The loan processing time depends solely on the goals and debt repayment options. Basic principle: you cannot borrow without a specific goal.

Short-term loans are needed in the following cases:

  • working capital is urgently needed;
  • for study;
  • for medical procedures;
  • to buy undervalued investment assets.

You should pay attention to long-term loans:

  • when implementing the fundamental business development strategy;
  • to open a new direction in the company;
  • when investing in real estateж
  • when making a large purchase.

Benefits of short-term loans

  • No paperwork;
  • High approval rates;
  • Easier to acquire;
  • Shorter time for incurring interest;
  • Quick funding time;
  • Online application.

Benefits of long-term loans

  • Tough eligibility criteria;
  • Good credit is needed;
  • Lower interest rates;
  • Build credit;
  • You can borrow a large amount;
  • Collateral may be required;
  • Online application (in some cases).