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The First Step in Shopping for a Home

Get pre-qualified for a home loan before beginning your home search and you'll be in a great negotiating position knowing your loan will be ready when you are. Home sellers and real estate agents may also view purchase offers from pre-qualified buyers more favorably - perhaps allowing you to get a better deal.

We make it easy to get pre-qualified fast.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my credit is good enough to qualify for a mortgage?

We will evaluate your credit report as part of the pre-approval process and share the results with you. Also, you may obtain a copy of your credit report free of charge once a year by visiting Most folks' credit is better than they think.

How much savings do I need for a down payment and closing costs?

The most common loan program (FHA) requires 3.5% of the purchase price as a down payment. Some programs such as VA loans and USDA Rural Housing loans do not require a down payment. Conventional loans require 5% down with an increase to 10% for jumbo loans of more than $417,000. Closing costs typically run about 1% to 4% and can often be paid by the seller if negotiated into the sale contract.

What type of loan should I get?

That will depend on your individual financial needs and on how long you intend to keep the home. Presently, fixed rate programs have very low rates with adjustable rate loans not being much less, so the majority of loans being closed today are 30 year fixed. The loan program best suited to your needs will depend on how much you borrow and how long you plan to keep your home among other factors. Our experienced mortgage specialists will clearly present all options and recommend the best choices.